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We love startup founders. Everything we do is committed to empowering them with the planning, approach, experience, and the community we have developed over the years.

With the feedback gathered from our individual programs, we are now offering condensed versions to potential founders, classrooms, and business groups. If you don't see a Workshop, Seminar, or Training Program that fits your needs, please contact us directly to see if one can be curated for your needs. Visit our Facebook or Events page to see what's upcoming.

Idea Validation Workshop

We sampled our Idea Validation Progam with an added focus on harnessing the potential of new startup founders into a half day workshop. You will explore the responsibilities of running a startup, develop the concept of your idea, research, understand, & react to your customer base, and detail the next steps of your startup idea.

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Startup Development Workshop

A one day workshop, we compiled sections of our V-Dev Program into a relaxed, unique classroom approach. Attendees focus on fun & engaging tasks while exploring the structure of successful businesses, branding & design, marketing strategies, and more.

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Business Balancing Training

So your company is already in the market. Is the market not responding to your service or product like you expected? Are you struggling to maintain the enjoyment of running your venture? Hosted by our partners at Oakstone Solutions, this private training session rapidly considers your business through the structure of our development program, isolates problem areas, and figures out how to "concentrically balance" your business.

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Upcoming Events

We host workshops regularly while training sessions and seminars are generally commissioned to private groups or business functions. Click here to see if a meetup or other important events are happening near you.

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