Mid-Michigan Venture Meetup

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The Purpose

The Mid-Michigan Venture Meetup (MMVM) provides new and energizing ways for local entrepreneurs to meetup, network, and collectively share experiences in topic-driven discussions. Instead of simply listening to presenters, MMVM presents topics where members are encouraged to help drive discussions and offer insights in an open, engaging atmosphere.

We strongly encourage you to visit the MMVM Page on Facebook to stay current in the discussions, upcoming topics, participants, and more.


Each month, the meetup discusses and together chooses a topic for the next event. Attendees are encouraged to share samples of industry experience, personal tips, and tricks over these communal topic points. Topics could include anything startup founders might be able to learn from such as psychology in sales meetings, business development, personal planning, online sales tactics, lead generation, marketing campaign strategy, social media, personal branding/packaging and more.


The MMVM is held on the first Thursday of every a month from 6:30 to 8:30pm. In an attempt to support local businesses, locations for the monthly meetings will vary among different Midland businesses, but will be posted in advance on the MMVM Facebook Community Page. The meeting is open to the public and requires no costs or fees.

Please feel free to message Actualize directly or post on the MMVM Facebook Page with any questions or comments.

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